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Carthage vs China Spring


Carthage vs China Spring  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Carthage
    • China Spring

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4 minutes ago, upullinmychain said:

Bet this game causes some heartburn before it's over...js 

This game should be “Cardiac Football” like I have been wanting to see all year;  4A Div 2 does not have the level of competition worthy of Surratt’s Dawgs who are just now starting to be challenged.

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The spring won't roll over and Mr Surratt knows it from experience,Carthage wins in my opinion,wins it all,but there are a select few that have caused Carthage probs in the past and coach is not one to forget...bet the Dawgs just play straight fundamental football this week and move on...at this stage of the game it's just survive and advance ✌️

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3 hours ago, HearEmaGrowlin said:

This should be a great game!

CS will not be intimidated and Carthage will not underestimate anyone, especially China Spring as CS has earned Carthage’s respect in a game Surratt will probably never forget.


When and where will this massive game be played?

cs is a team one that likes to use the clock but there season ends next week 


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