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Crawford vs Bosqueville - Friday @ 7PM in Hewitt Midway.


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1 hour ago, highschoolfootball99 said:

Only lost by 7 in district. Can someone explain the first game are these guys pretty evenly matched or were there a lot of turnovers? The score says this is gonna be a heck of a game unless the first meeting was closer than it should of been?!


give me the upset 

Some say 1st game score was close due to Crawford having a couple starters out (injury).  I can't confirm or deny that; it was the word on the street from the Crawford side.  Couldn't figure out if BV looked better than normal or Crawford looked a little off.  Maybe a combination of both.  Definitely the closest BV has played them in a while.  Supposedly Crawford is now at 100% so this game will be a good test of how they really match up with both teams firing on all cylinders.

Much as I want BV to get the upset, it will take a huge effort.  I really hope they can pull it off - not 100% sure they can.  You have to be realistic when facing a team like Crawford at this point in the season.  They play their style of ball almost to perfection and don't allow hardly any room for error from their opponents.

The one hope for BV is, IMO, they have already beaten the odds by going farther than many thought they would.  The last two games have been against teams they were supposedly going to lose to, one of them top-10 ranked (Lindsay).  I believe they're punching above their weight and the question is can they do it again Friday vs. a team that I don't believe we have ever beaten?  If we don't win, hope we can at least keep it close and make them earn it.  BV has a ton of respect for Crawford, hope it's the same the other way around.  Don't sleep on the Bulldogs....

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14 hours ago, Everide2016 said:

I know everyone wants to say one week at a time, but I have to ask, can either of these compete next week?


2 hours ago, highschoolfootball99 said:


Sadly, I have to agree.  There's always hope, but that gonna be a tough row to hoe for whoever wins Friday.

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