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Gilmer vs. Graham. State semi-final in Prosper Friday @ 7:00

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I heard 4 is gonna go Friday.

I do not think Graham has the better offense.  I think they have a good QB, but they struggled pass blocking against Celina.  They don't look very big on either line.  They may have a defensive edge,

35-7 Gilmer  2nd qtr 

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Cannot wait to read what the rest of ya'll have to say about the pitiful second half by the Buckeyes.  You DO NOT take your foot off the gas, until your side of the scoreboard reads "42".  I understand slowing the game down and burning clock, but failing to make first downs and allowing Graham to dare dream of the upset in the second half was hard to watch, especially after the brilliant first half of play by the Buckeyes.  We have been a 2nd half team, just about all year, but not tonight.  Lots to work on this week.


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Okay, a few quick observations:

1. Give credit to Graham. A lot of teams would have rolled over at halftime, but they didn’t. They made some great defensive adjustments and played with a lot of heart and soul. They came up short, but they never quit. 

2. Give credit to the Gilmer defense also. They were on the field most of the second half, and they were in horrible field position, but only gave up 14 points. They bent, but they came up big inside the 30 on several occasions. 

3. Gilmer did not play well in the second half offensively. Any score would have put the game away, but they didn’t adjust well to Graham’s defensive changes. I can understand wanting to run the ball and shorten the game, but Graham had stacked the box. The wide receiver screens were good for 8 yards a pop all 2nd half, and a jet sweep or two would have gotten to the edge, but Gilmer would go away from them.  And Gilmer went back to being it’s own worst enemy. 

4. But what a First half!!  98 yard punt return, huge 70+ Yard TD run by Tennison, a 2nd and 35 conversion on a beautiful pass and catch by Fluellen, a beautiful TD by Spraglin (didn’t like the taunting, though, and he deserved the penalty), an absolutely perfectly played interception, a great 4th down stop by blowing up the Graham RB in the backfield. If Gilmer can put 2 halves together like that, the Carthage game will at least be interesting. 

Great win by the Buckeye. I love it for this group of seniors. They had it really tough as Sophomores, but they have been rewarded for all their hard work. Now on to Jerry’s World!!

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