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Gilmer vs. Graham. State semi-final in Prosper Friday @ 7:00


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1 hour ago, bansheefan03 said:

I'm more concerned  on #4 13 has not been there since jasper so yeah we would be better with him but not that big of a loss but #4 is a homerun threat every play so he is big asset if nothing more then a decoy to pull defenders


I was concerned as well, it looked like he went down hard making that TD. I haven’t heard any updates on him, but hopefully, he will be fine.

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5 minutes ago, Sportsguru02 said:

I hate it for kids to put in so much work and especially with everything that they have been through this yr to be hurt #### 

Right? And to get hurt right before playing for a state title. I can only imagine that would be very bothersome to anyone, let alone a young person. I feel for any players on either team (or any playing for a title) that don’t get to make this special occasion.

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