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Open Coaching Jobs per Dave Campbell


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Some good jobs coming open. Interesting to see how these fill out. Rains has done well in the past with a hard nose offense. Ken Little had a deep run and did it with the Split back veer. Smith and Lester brought them back to the playoffs with the Slot-T. Rently Barnes has had success with more  a spread look. So I wonder if the bring in a Spread RPO guy or which way the are leaning. 

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23 minutes ago, GreaseLightning said:

Look at how it's a revolving door of coaches in every sport. Too much arguing and no harmony as a program. Sville doesn't know if they want to be baseball. basketball.or ftball school. Community always fussing about who to hire..... 

It IS possible to be "all of the above" type of a school.....

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