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The OFFICIAL Texas Rangers 2021 thread.

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5 hours ago, thegreatbambino said:

Well my prediction hasn't aged well. HAHA


11 hours ago, THSfanatic said:


Well if we grade on a curve, then yes.😁

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Last night was the first game I’ve watched in awhile. Bottom of the 10th Seattle sacrifices the “zombi” runner from 2nd to 3rd. With one out the Rangers elect to intentional walk the next batter to bring up a lefty on lefty matchup with one of Seattle’s better hitters and runners on 1st and 3rd with one out. Rangers also decide to play Rangers middle infielders up. Of course the the batter hits it past 2nd base for the game winner. I do not understand that coaching decision at all. I know the batter had some speed, but had the middle infielders been playing back it was still an easy double play. I feel like the Rangers should have loaded the bases and make the bottom of Seattle’s lineup beat them. Of course I’m only a couch coach, but the decision making didn’t make to much sense to me. 

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