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2021 District 9-5A Div II Football Thread


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11 hours ago, EazyMoney said:

If Lamar defeats Bryan Rudder, it will force a 3 way tie for 4th.  Fulshear would advance in that case.  If Rudder wins, Huntsville would advance.  Rudder is favored to win.  Lamar is already eliminated. 

in 10-5a 1st-3rd seeds are set with Montgomery as the 1, A&M Cons 2 and Rudder 3 so the toss up 4. 

Huntsville look to be the one that will advance, I dont see Lake Creek beating Montgomery or Lamar Cons beating Rudder.

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20 hours ago, Mavchamp said:

Would trips to Lufkin and Nac be any shorter than to Mesquite and Forney?  Seems like it would be further. I’m not sure though.  Texarkana to Lufkin is a long haul. 

In my book it’s a push. Per Google Maps, Forney is 8 minutes shorter. The issue in my book is the Rockwell to Forney drive. Lufkin is an easier drive. Probably be faster if there was a loop around Marshall. Probably have better success going East, as those school hate the drive to Texarkana and aren’t road warriors.

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13 minutes ago, EazyMoney said:

Looks like Lamar upset Rudder 20-16. So that should give Fulshear the 4 seed in District 10 due to the 3 way tiebreaker.  

Sound like a good gm. Lake creek made a game of it for a half vs Montgomery.... I think t high and Marshall def have a chance at home. Other than the late give away to Marshall MP has played good as anyone in district maybe we see some upsets...

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Texas High 34 Whitehouse 7

Texas High defense seems to start slow and makes the necessary adjustments. Two timely interceptions stopped a couple of Whitehouse drives. Normally I would wish Whitehouse the best of luck the rest of the way. But I am not sure what you say when it is the end of the road.


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9-5A Standings
Texas High (9-0) (7-0)*
Marshall (7-3) (6-1)*
Mount Pleasant (4-5) (4-3)*
Nacogdoches (3-7) (3-4)*
Hallsville (3-7) (3-4)
Pine Tree (4-6) (2-5)
Whitehouse (2-8) (2-5) 
Jacksonville (1-9) (1-6)

Week 11 Games
Marshall beat Nacogdoches 28-0
Mount Pleasant beat Jacksonville 51-13
Texas High beat Whitehouse 34-7
Hallsville beat Pine Tree 35-21

The final week of the season had Texas High wrapping up a perfect season with a dominating win over Whitehouse.  Marshall returned the favor for last year's loss to Nac by beating the Dragons in their own backyard.  However, thanks to tie breakers, the Dragons will still advance to the playoffs.  Hallsville surged their way to a 5th place finish after a long losing streak was ended this season.  Pine Tree's season sort of inexplicably fell apart.  Whitehouse finished in 7th and Jax ended in the cellar.


10-5A Standings
Montgomery (10-0), (6-0)
AMC (8-2), (5-1)
Rudder (7-3), (3-3)
Fulshear (5-5), (2-4)
Lamar Consolidated (3-7) (2-4)
Huntsville (4-5) (2-4)
Lake Creek (5-5) (1-5)

Week 11 Games
Montgomery beat Lake Creek 56-45
Huntsville beat Fulshear 24-22
Lamar Consolidated beat Bryan Rudder 20-16

This district was just wild from top to bottom.  Last place Lake creek gave Montgomery a bit of a scare last night, leading the game as late as in the third quarter before the Bears turned it on for an 11 point win.  Bryan Rudder had already clinched the #3 slot, but fell to Lamar Consolidated last night.  And Huntsville beat Fulshear.....but the Hornets needed to win by at least 7 to get into the playoffs.... they only won by 2, so they are out.


Bi-District Playoff Match-ups
Fulshear (5-5) at Texas High (9-0)
Bryan Rudder (7-3) at Marshall (7-3)
Mount Pleasant (4-5) at AMC (8-2)
Nacogdoches (3-7) at Montgomery (10-0)


8-5A Standings
Ennis (10-0), (7-0)
Forney (7-3), (6-1)
Royse City (8-2), (5-2)
Crandall (6-4), (4-3)
Corsicana (6-4), (3-4)
Greenville (3-7), (2-5)
North Forney (2-8), (0-7)
Sulphur Springs (0-10), (0-7)

Week 11 Games
Forney beat Royse City 30-20
North Forney beat Sulphur Springs 47-20
Ennis beat Corsicana 48-0
Crandall beat Greenville 45-21

Forney beat Royse City last night to steal the homefield advantage for the playoffs, knocking the Bulldogs down to third place.  Ennis made easy work of Corsicana en route to another perfect season for the Lions. Crandall wrapped up the #4 seed with their big win over Greenville.  And NF beat Sulphur Springs.... the Wildcats finish the season winless at 0-10...wowzers.

Bi-District Playoff Match-ups
Denison (7-3) at Ennis (10-0)
Crandall (6-4) at Lovejoy (9-1)
Royse City (8-2) at Frisco (9-1)
Frisco Liberty (9-1) at Forney (7-3)

District 7 was crazy good as they finished with a three way tie for the district championship between Lovejoy, Frisco, and Fisco Liberty.... all finishing (9-1, 7-1).  Denison took the #4 slot.


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36 minutes ago, RogerDorn said:

MP losing those games early in the season has their record looking suspect but a lot better team than some probably think

Agree. They could easily be 6-3 or 7-2. 

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12 hours ago, bordertown said:

Fulshear has a 322 mile trip (5.5 hours) to Grim on Friday. Sure am glad the roles aren’t reversed. They are located southwest of Katy. 


Oh well.  Late night trip on a school night.  I wonder if they will make it home before sunrise Friday morning.  

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11 hours ago, EazyMoney said:

Oh well.  Late night trip on a school night.  I wonder if they will make it home before sunrise Friday morning.  

lol if they were to win I’m sure school the next would be last thing they are worried about on friday.

Looks like Fulshear has some speed on defense 2 pretty good size guys playing on dline. #4 and #25 both at rb can go, Qb is a good athlete to. 

not sure if they are as good as rankings show but t high has done a good job forcing turnovers this year imo faster than they were on defense last year but not as big. Offense still not where they need to be but  right time of year for everybody to be able to go. passin game looks like it might come around #10 and #13 at wr both have been out couple weeks but I don’t think all serious. #1 has found a td in every game since being able to play. Prob close to 100 yards receiving vs whitehouse 

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