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Second Thoughts


The goal of our lesson today is to gain a better understanding of the importance of examining the conclusions we may reach on various subjects. In some cases it’s good for us to have second thoughts. This is especially true when we consider our standing with God. It never hurts to examine ourselves over and over again to be sure that we are walking as we ought to.


As we examine ourselves, we can clearly see that first    thoughts are not always the best thoughts to pursue. Our intellect and our emotions help make up what we do or think. Sometimes our first thoughts would be the best choice. However, in many cases our first thought needs to be considered and laid aside, so that we may arrive at the best conclusion.


It has often been said that if you are angry, count to ten before

you act. In many cases we do all think, and think again. However, in religion many people don’t have second thoughts.

It is so easy to stay in the same old way. So many people don’t want to entertain second thoughts about their relationship with God.


In today's lesson we want to examine several men who had what

seemed to be good first thoughts; yet, after seriously examining their situation and the evidence that was present, they had second thoughts.

As Christians, we ought to learn from these examples and apply them to our own lives.


First up is the Prodigal Son.  He wanted to live it up on the wild side.

Luke 15:11-13


Soon, though, his riches failed him.

Luke 15:14-16


He was forced to rethink what he should be doing. One thing made sense at one particular time, but now it did not make any sense at all. His second thought led to the only sensible thing that he was to do, which was to return to his father.

Luke 15:17-20


Many will not do this because of fear of being seen as a failure.

Pride stands in their way of doing what is right and good.

Closer examination of his situation led him to see the consequences of what he had done. He could see he had made mistakes. He could see that he was wrong. He now wanted to do what was right, so he acknowledged his error.

Luke 15:21-24


He did not try to justify his actions, nor did he return with a proud and haughty spirit, but rather with one that was clothed in the cloak of humility.


The second person we are going to look at today is the Rebellious Son. This is a similar situation to the one we found in the parable we have just studied. This son refused to obey his father. He rebelled.

Matthew 21:28-29


Some today have this very spirit in themselves. They refuse

outright to obey God in all things.

Acts 2:38 - 41


However, after a closer examination once again, the rebellious son had second thoughts. This shows that it is never too late to re-examine our decisions and to change what we may have at first thought was a good choice. All people who have not made their lives right with God need to have second thoughts about their eternal destiny.

Acts 3:19


The third person we are going to look at is Paul. Paul had been called Saul and he was blinded to the truth as were many of the religious leaders at that time.

Acts 7:58

Acts 9:1-2


It took the physical presence of the risen Savior and the physical blindness that he experienced on the road to Damascus to open his Spiritual eyes that he might see and accept the truth of God's Word.

Acts 9: 8 - 12


When Paul’s physical eyes were opened, his heart was opened to the truth.

Acts 9: 18


Paul had second thoughts and he did much good for the cause of Christ.

Acts 26:9

1 Timothy 1:15.


Next up is Peter. The fact that Peter loved the Lord can never be denied. 

John 13:37


However, Peter was impetuous. This means that he was quick to act. Many today are just like Peter and are apt to make bad mistakes. Peter was quick to vehemently deny that he would

ever deny Jesus.

Matthew 26:33-35


Yet, Peter made a severe mistake. He did deny Jesus.

Matthew 26:69-75

In fact, his denial of Jesus was just as strong a denial as he had put up saying he would never do it.


Because of his love for the Lord it made him repent. He had made a mistake but that did not keep him from doing what was right in the sight of the Lord. After the resurrection, we see Peter make a positive affirmation of his love for the Lord.

John 21:15-17


Peter later gave his life for what he preached and believed in.

History records that he suffered the cruel death of crucifixion upside down. He was beaten and imprisoned, yet this did not stop his decision to stand for Christ, no matter the consequences. 


Next up is Naaman. Naaman was angry at the prophet of God's remedy for his leprosy and chose the wrong way to get rid of it.

II Kings 5:9-11


We see that he received nothing.

II Kings 5: 12


And we see that he had second thoughts. 

II Kings 5: 13


Naaman decided to do the right thing and his decision benefitted him greatly. 

II Kings 5: 14

 In many cases it would be good for each one of us to examine ourselves and have second thoughts about our service to God.


Our next example is Jonah. Jonah tried to run from God. He went the wrong way to try to get out of doing what God demanded of him.

Jonah 1:1-3


Jonah got into trouble by his first thoughts and actions. He suffered the punishments for his actions.

Jonah 1:4,15,17


In the belly of the great fish Jonah had second thoughts.       

Jonah 2:1,7,10


His situation certainly aided in his ability to stop and reconsider. He then decided to do the right thing.

Jonah 3: 1 - 3


Next up in our study is Simon the Sorcerer. As a Christian, Simon sinned.

Acts 8:18-19


Peter cautioned him of his soul's situation.

Acts 8:20-21


In this rebuke came the stern voice of admonition.

Acts 8:22


This led to Simon the sorcerer having second thoughts. He was told of the severity of his mistake.

Acts 8:23


Yet, despite his error, he reconsidered and decided to make his life right with God.

Acts 8: 24


David is next on our list. This was a man, the King of Israel, who loved God and gave his all to the service of God, yet still was able to go wrong.

II Samuel 11:3 - 5


He did wrong by making a bad decision, then compounded this by trying to cover it up. 

II Samuel 11:15


David reaped grim consequences because of his first thoughts.   

II Samuel 12:15-19


Despite this, David had second thoughts.

Psalm 51:3


He made things right with God.

Psalm 32:5


Many today need to have the heart of David and return to God instead of trying to cover up the wrongs in their lives.


Finally, we come to Solomon.  Solomon was a man of wisdom. This wisdom was given to him by God. Solomon used it, for the most part, in the right way, yet in his later life he misused it and tried every pleasure. 

Ecclesiastes 2:10


He had second thoughts about this.

Ecclesiastes 2:11


This man of wisdom could see what was best for him.

Ecclesiastes 2:24


This great giant of wisdom also shows us that the most important thing that we can do in life is to serve God.    

Ecclesiastes 12:13


In most, if not in every one of these cases, there were some bad consequences that were faced before they had second thoughts. This shows us that there is good in many bad ordeals that we face. These ordeals led these men to make their lives right with God. Hopefully we can benefit from the experiences of these men. 

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