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OU/Texas & The SEC

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4 minutes ago, Valhalla said:

If they just have to get 8 votes then I don’t see why it won’t happen. 

Texas A&M, Florida, and South Carolina would be the big 3 against it I would think. 

Where do you stick the 2? Split them? OU to East with Missouri, Texas to West with A&M?

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2 minutes ago, Stoney said:

You suggest that to UGA, UF, UT and see what they say. 😂

Tennessee has to play Alabama every year anyways.

Its Florida and Georgia who see them once a decade in the regular season lol.

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12 minutes ago, Valhalla said:

ESPN owns the SEC rights anyways. They could work something out.

I would think everyone not named Texas would require them to discontinue LHN in order to be considered.

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