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Week 1: Marshall (0-0) Vs. New Caney (0-0)


Marshall Vs. New Caney  

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  1. 1. Who you got?

    • New Caney in a close one
    • Marshall in a close one
    • New Caney in a blowout
    • Marshall in a blowout

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The Mav defense has played a pretty dang good game considering the terrible positions the offense had placed them in.  

Holding a team to 9 points for over three and half quarters should be a lead for you. 

But when you have more punts than completions…. That’s a sign. 

While typing this…. NC gets their 4th pick abd returns it some 80 yards to the Mav 2. 

Another score that can be blamed on the offense. 


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I knew the offense was going to struggle. Said it several times on this thread.  But wowzers. 

Not sure I understand our offensive approach.

We have a Sophomore QB making his first varsity start.   Why not some short quick passes?   Build some confidence.  Get a rhythm. 

Expecting him to make 30, 40+ bombs seems…. Well…. Unwise. 

Four interceptions thrown. All four were long passes downfield. 

Should have been 6 interceptions. 

Offensive line looked better at times.  But was still a mess.

We might get 80 dropped on us next week. 

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12 minutes ago, The Real Mavfan said:

Even Chase Palmer and Glenn Bickerdike on the broadcast were right. When you are down 16-7 and you have a weapon for a kicker take the fg and get yourself within a score. Maybe you get an onside kick or a turnover and have a chance to steal a win.

Wondered that myself. 

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1 hour ago, Mavchamp said:

We have a Sophomore QB making his first varsity start.   Why not some short quick passes?   Build some confidence.  Get a rhythm.

This feels familiar from a Lobo stand point.

I'm sure yall will be improved next week.

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That’s not the week to be trying to “work things out”. 

Maybe week three Vs McKinney North. 

I know New Caney was a playoff team last year.  And I also know they are 5A-Div I and are considerably bigger than us. BUT…. Ugh.

And maybe I may be underestimating them.  But I just don’t think they are that great.  

And it was still a 2 point game (9-7) with under 5 mins to go in the game. I wouldn’t have been happy with a 9-7 loss either.  The defense deserved a 9-7 game. 

The only “positive” I see in this is that 9-5A went 2-6 on the week.   Six losses against teams that really aren’t that good.  

Forney was 1-9 last year.  

Wylie East was 1-7

Crandall was 3-6.  

Henderson was 3-6

Tyler was 2-7 

None of them were in the playoffs  


kilgore was 10-4

Liberty Eylau was 6-5

New Caney was 5-6

Made the playoffs.  But only Kilgore was solid. 

I still firmly believe Texarkana is head and shoulders better than everyone else. 

Jury still out on PT but game tonight raises some eyebrows even though it was a mediocre team. 

The rest of the district is a mess.  And that’s being polite.

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Marshall was held to just 169 total yards, 110 coming through the air and 59 on the ground. Collier Slone went 8-of-18 for 110 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions. He connected with Jacorey Smith three times for 56 yards and found Domar Roberson twice for 47 yards and the team’s only touchdown. JQ Davis led the rushing attack with 14 carries for 59 yards

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