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πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰ The Official District 10 - 2A DI Thread for 2021 πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰

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On 9/4/2021 at 5:54 AM, trueblue82 said:

Timpson and Shelbyville won.Β 

Joaquin and San Augustine lost.Β 

Im too lazy and too busy (okay it’s like 70% lazy) to go back through all the schedule revisions to see who picked who. We’ll do it on the honor system. (Yes I know using the word honor with this group is almost sacrilege, but…. Ok it’s probably more like 90% lazy). Just post your record for this week and for the season in the thread.Β 

I was 2-1…. Missed on Joaquin and didn’t pick between Kelly and SA.

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Just now, trueblue82 said:

San Augustine, Shelbyville, Garrison lost. Joaquin won. Timpson did not get to play. Please post your record for this week and update your record for the season.Β 

Never mind. Ol TRUEBLUE forgot to post games. As far as who is going to win games in district, I think that’s gonna be really hard to predict. Thanks to Covid, player availability for each team is going to be very fluid week-to-week. I have no idea if that played into some of the results we saw this week. Perhaps some of you can enlighten us on your teams. I know Joaquin is as healthy as we’ve been since the Tenaha scrimmage.Β 

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4 minutes ago, StillGreezy said:

We have a lot of injuries.Β  Β 

One injury on our small school team can be really bad. And like y'all this week we had one like it last week we had 5 starters out 3 on offenseΒ  and 3 on defense,Β  i think it could could be the other way. And like yall i think we acquitted ourselves well

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52 minutes ago, trueblue82 said:

Week 4 games:

West Rusk (3-0) at San Augustine (1-2)

Ore City (1-2) at Joaquin (1-2)

Shelbyville (1-2)at Groveton (0-2)

Carlisle (0-3) at Timpson (3-0)

Garrison (0-2)at Crockett (1-1)

West Rusk





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