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4 hours ago, KirtFalcon said:


When you add all the taxes the average American pays (income,property,sales,licensing & registrations) it comes out to be around 53% of ones income, when all said and done. Keep in mind, we went to war with a superpower because of a tax that pushed our tax obligation to around 7% to the king. Wow. I wonder what the forefathers think about our current state of affairs. Property tax is absolutely unconstitutional. A man and woman pay off their dream home, but they do not own it. They rent it from the local government. Rent is due every year. Late and you’re hit with ridiculous penalties and interest on something you own!!! Mind blowing. 

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19 minutes ago, CarthDawg77 said:

One of this Nation’s very worst Presidents; top 5 at least.

I’d put him at the top. Even past Carter, Bush’s, Obama, and Biden. Even past the ever so corrupt Warren Harding. He single handily destroyed the black family unit under the guise of civil rights. There was nothing civil about the civil rights movement. Statistics do not lie. 

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