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Daingerfield @ Tatum


Daingerfield @ Tatum  

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3 minutes ago, Racer55 said:

No we’re cursed. All the years we were good we either couldn’t beat the yardbirds or didn’t have em on the schedule. Like dadgumit we shoulda played them this year. Lol

Them redbirds came to G town a few years ago expecting to break that streak. It was over in the 1st quarter 👀

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6 hours ago, Bclove05 said:

There will be 1 vote for Sabine next week and that will be me. Hopefully we will give y’all a better game than Atlanta. 

Yall gonna be scrappy with whoever yall play. Unfortunately, scrappy probably won't win against some of the teams on the sked lol. 

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10 minutes ago, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

Naw I get that, just thought the experts would give a closer spread. 

I ain't buying it either. I guess its possible if depth were to become a big issue late.....but my gut tells me a 7-14 point margin. We combined for 116 points week 1. Don't be surprised if we combine for 21 points this week. Watch, it'll be 63-56 or something now that I've said that lol. 

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