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2 hours ago, Eagle8 said:

We had the 2s on the field in the 3rd quarter as well. Gonna assume that both teams starters stay on the field all 4 quarters this week. 

The twitch stream was so blurry I never saw the 2's come in....Thought they were the ones. The Eagles were cold!

and deep too!!! 


I did see film this evening where I could see the 2's playing  I was impressed for sure.  

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1 minute ago, PeepawTatum said:

Did I see the qb playing linebacker or do the Tigers have two players that where #1 ?

He plays LB as well. They have several that play both ways. They got some athletes, just aren't that deep. 

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8 hours ago, Eagleborn said:

You know what you and DF often being referred to as a dumpster fire has in common? Y’all are both trash. 

As far as your “youngin””””” still struggling with writing, reading, math, wiping its on butt….. One would think that after 14 years they’d have it figured out. So it’s definitely one of yours. 🤣🤣🤣 “#loser”

Both of em are mine? 

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14 hours ago, Eagle8 said:

Say watcha want....but don't knock the troopers. We stood here at 0-10 taking punch after punch, swinging back. You ain't got nun to say to us. 

Should we remind everyone who had the last 0-10 season in our district? 🤣

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