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The Big Six Rivalry Week


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3 hours ago, AllGoodNamesRGone said:

I wonder which one is the best atmosphere. I assume Tyler one is the closest and Marshall is the oldest. I wish they were more competitive. 

Not too many rivals have a close record  against each other maybe except for Longview/Lufkin . Henderson vs Kilgore and even Carthage isn’t too shabby. 

In Tyler the will always come close to being sold out because of the rivalry. 

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2 minutes ago, AllGoodNamesRGone said:

I agree but you guys are competing for city bragging rights as well. I don’t believe anyone else can say that. The rest are non existent or completely lopsided when the few times they play . Ex PT vs Longview . 

I mean, Longview/Marshall will sell out every time. That's a huge reason, imo, why the game continues to be played.

Once the money starts to dry up from it, that's when changes will be made most likely. But yea, Legacy/Tyler is the only large East Texas rivalry that is worth a dang right now...other than of course Longview/Lufkin (even if Lp was down last year).

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