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Timpson 49 Waskom 28 Final


Waskom @ Timpson  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Waskom
    • Timpson

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24 minutes ago, StillGreezy said:

If you think you have covid then the clock is ticking.   The sooner you start treatment the better.   Get on it as early as possible.   Dont wait and see.   

I went to the doctor they got me on like 8 medicine.. an breathing machine..

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1 hour ago, LSUTIGERS said:

I ate my crow and congratulated you guys as soon as the game was over, but you guys can’t seem to leave well enough alone.
Did y’all  win? Yes 

Do I think y’all were the better team that night? Yes

Do I think y’all lowered the boom? Yes 

Do I think our team was a little surprised? Yes

Do I think our boys were still feeling the affects of COVID and got gassed? Yes

Do I think y’all could beat us 100% healthy? No

Again enjoy your win and act like you’ve been here before. 

This may be their biggest win all yr.

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9 hours ago, quickshot said:

I would take timpson over newton

I wouldn't necessarily take Timpson over Newton i feel like it would be a toss up game. I also wouldn't use the Waskom Timpson game as your only measuring stick. Timpson is a great football team but i feel like if Waskom played them at full strength ten times its a 50/50 game.

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