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Pilot Point @ DeKalb week 3


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On 9/8/2021 at 10:19 PM, CodeBreaker said:

Ish aint SHIsh. My boys from Jim Ned and Brock all proved that. Just hit him.....he'll develop a limp.


PP would stomp a hole in Waskom and Timpson both. Based on talent 

Based on character, DeKalb got a chance 😝

Set it up...we have a couple of open dates of PP wants some. 

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3 minutes ago, Bear9T1 said:

Fine by me....you won’t be happy 

Learn to read snuggle tooth. I'm not a pp guy. I think theysuck. Loaded with talent like yall, but no character. I said it before the game. They lost of it.


Kinda like Semi finals vs Shiner. But call em up, prove me wrong....lol

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