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Week 4 Daingerfield @ Elysian Fields


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10 hours ago, wingtveer said:

Saw Elysian Fields vs Harmony in week one. Will get a good idea about some 3a ball after this one. 

If QB1 for DF is healthy, I don't see this game being in jeopardy. Daingerfield's passing game is solid. Their defense is very good. 

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17 hours ago, ConservativeCitizen said:

Harmony beat Elysian Fields I believe. I think that’s right. Doesn’t matter that was week 1. That does not bode well when facing a talent laced Daingerfield. 

A lot of things have changed for EF since week 1. Hard to judge EF by the Harmony game. Harmony win & EF lost, can’t change that, but some other important things about EF are different from week 1. 

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