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New Boston @ Redwater

New Boston vs. Redwater  

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15 minutes ago, blesseddaily said:

Have you seen them play this year? I'm picking them for 3rd and maybe 2nd in district...barring any injuries.

RW will not beat Hooks, Dekalb, Pewitt or for sure Daingerfield.  Sorry, RW does not make the playoffs this year

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10 minutes ago, Bclove05 said:

No. Just never seen anyone say beating New Boston would be a statement win. Is New Boston playoff contenders as well?

Lol I get what you’re saying, both teams have struggled past few years . Crazy to think new boston use to run pg outta the stadium. 15 was the last good team in new Boston’. One guy on that team was first round pick. 

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35 minutes ago, soldier1 said:

RW's QB is the entire offence.  He wont get loose from NB's defense like he did ND's.  The turnover bug bite ND in the second half, but before then, RW looked to have enough from ND.  

Totally disagree. Redwater looked like a team that had won 3 games before and been told how terrible they were. The 2nd half proved that when they play like they can they are really good. The offense dominated the second half and defense played lights out. Turnover bug is 3 turnovers in a game in key moments. 7 forced turnovers in a half is the defense flying around and making plays. I was at the game. The better team for sure won. The QB is good but the are really good at RB and WR as well. The catches by #4 prove he is something you have to target. Not just the QB. QB gets loose by play design. QB will still get loose on NB. Seen them play as well and too inconsistent. Calling Redwater by 14. Redwater’s defense is legit. 

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23 hours ago, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

You sure about that? Shouldn’t be that hard for them to beat Atlanta, Jefferson, and White Oak. 👀

We'll see, honestly I was just stirring up the pot after someone had the audacity to say this is a statement game lol. 

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54 minutes ago, DKBear123 said:

What has Redwater done so far? Texarkana Gameday is pimping them hard. They struggled with New Diana for a half. They ARE the same old Redwater. 

Texarkana gameday LOVES them LOL

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3 hours ago, DKBear123 said:

Why did Redwater's QB get checked out of school today? Where is he enrolling at? Drama!!!!

Why are you keeping tabs on teenage boys?

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