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Gladewater @ Tatum


Gladewater @ Tatum   

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6 minutes ago, Bclove05 said:

@Eaglebornvoted for Gladewater so now if I vote for the Bears and siding with him and if I vote Tatum I’m siding with the other Eagle fans. I hope both team lose. 🤣

We’ll figure that out when we watch practice on Thursday. 

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18 minutes ago, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

Gladewater defense gonna give us problems. We’ve got to find a way to slow their run game down. This should be a tight ballgame. 

We will be able run the ball but we don’t score. We will get into the red zone and give it to you guys. It’s just what we do this year 😂 

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Strength vs weakness kinda deal. Their run game is to load up with big bodies and roll. We probably don't have a LB over 180-185 lbs. Not saying our LBs are weak or anything. Just out-bodied. Do I think we'll move the ball well? Yes, I do. But these hopes of a blow out, while not impossible, do seem improbable. Its gonna be a scrap folks. I think we do have the edge.....but not a 28 point edge as the spread prediction suggests. 

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Series Stats 

Record- Bears lead series 13-9 (1 tie)

First Game- 1986 Bears won 25-0

Last Game- 2020 Bears won 42-21

Tatum's Last Win- 2009 29-28

Total Points- Bears 630 Tatum 491

Most Points in a Game- 89  1998 Tatum won 62-27

Fewest Points in a Game- 14  1992 Bears won 14-0 

                                                  1994 Bears 7 Tatum 7

Largest Point Spread- 44   1987 Bears won 44-0

                                              1990 Bears won 50-6

Closest Game not Including Ties- 1   2009 Tatum won 29-28

                                                             2018 Bears won 36-35

Shutouts- Bears have shutout Tatum 5 times

     1986   25-0,  1987  44-0,  1991  35-0,  1992  14-0, 2000  19-0

Tatum has never shutout Bears 


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