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Week Five: Longview at West Mesquite


Longview Lobos (3-1) vs West Mesquite Wranglers (2-2)  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Longview in a blow out
    • Longview in a close one
    • West Mesquite in a close one
    • West Mesquite in a blow out

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23 minutes ago, cujoforlife said:

Y’all need him if he is better 

Tutt is the 2nd best QB in the program right now behind Josh Thomas (who is injured), with the highest potential of them all.

But no reps tonight.

That's poor QB development.


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Love the fullback dive. Very physical play from our line. 

15 hours ago, WolverBean said:

Allen He does alright on these  qb direct snap runs when trying to pass and sit there in pocket  the issue 

Yeah he’s a good runner. Made a nice move to get in the end zone on that one. 

If he could find some consistency he’d be just fine. One of the sacks wasn’t on him- it was a coverage sack

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7 minutes ago, JohnnyFootball said:

Never seen someone be so upset over TDs haha

I get it- he’s not as good as Thomas but he’s giving effort out there. 

He’s underthrown every single pass tonight…except for one he overthrew Wright on.

Hale is a 5 star receiver for a reason. Dude is making plays. 

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10 minutes ago, lobos2011 said:

Willie Nelson #6 is probably better than both of them at RB but he is playing in the secondary

Willie, Hamilton, DK...one thing about Longview...there won't be any shortage of dudes who can run the ball. Alijah Johnson is another who is injured.

D1 back Tatum should be back soon.

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