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a blast from the past


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23 minutes ago, Sbk5280 said:

That was a great game to attend. Felt like a Rollercoaster with the highs and lows. Second half Gilmer came alive and momentum shifted. 

that was a great game to watch Gilmer straped it on us  long drive home

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6 hours ago, powerlifter said:

i dont know much about Gilmer are Carthage but i do belive Gilmer will say lets go out and meet them.

images (75).jpg

They might also say “let’s shake hands and choose heads or tails to determine who gets choice of possession to begin the game.” 

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That was a fantastic game. WOS had a legitimate shot in that one, and I didn't think anyone in the state had a legit shot at that Gilmer team. Not that year, man. That was an all-time great Buckeyes group. I've seen most Gilmer teams play since they knocked Celina out of the area round in 2003, and that 2014 group is the best I've ever seen take the field. Stump's group in 09 was great too, and maybe more fun to watch (but I can't pinpoint why, sorry), but the 2014 team was stupid talented. And the crazy thing is they played the whole year without the most talented athlete of the bunch, in my opinion (RIP to Pollard, God bless him).

That Buckeyes team still had that killer instinct that I think came from Traylor being on the sidelines. They wanted to dismantle you in the first five minutes of the game, and more times than not, they were able to.

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