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Week 8: Whitehouse (0-6), (0-3) Vs. Marshall (3-3), (2-1)


Whitehouse Vs. Marshall  

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Marshall's three game winning streak came to an end with their road loss to #9 Texas High 27-12.  Was a close game most of the night, but Texas High's defense was too much.

A 10-10 game just before halftime became a comedy of errors as THS pulled away with a parade of interceptions on the night.  


The Mavericks are looking to win out Vs. Whitehouse, Mount Pleasant, Hallsville, and Nacogdoches so they can host a playoff game.  No easy task.....but it starts with this game.

The Marshall defense has been solid all season....and actually had a pretty good night against state ranked Texas High, but the offensive turnovers, penalties, and mistakes were too much to overcome.

Marshall's offense had looked pretty solid the last three games, scoring 122 points, an average of 40.6 PPG.  But Texas High kept them in check most of the night thanks to a bevy of interceptions.

Mav defense will need another strong outing and the offense will need to get back on track to keep Marshall in the 2nd place driver seat.


Whitehouse enters the game winless on the season.

The Wildcat defense has struggled most of the season....and that trend continued as they surrendered 37 points to a previously winless Hallsville team.  

WH is desperate....a loss to Marshall will all but end their playoff hopes.  A win keeps hope alive for another week.

Whitehouse has not won at Maverick Stadium since 2012.

I'll get all the other good stuff posted later on.  Wanted to get the thread started.

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Was just looking at the stats to the Marshall-Texas High game.

If you didn't know the score... you'd think the Mavericks had won.

Marshall out-gained THS in yardage 282-157

Marshall had more first downs 17-12.


7 turnovers. 

QB Olvera was 20-37 for 229 yards.  1 touchdown and four interceptions.  OUCH.

Smith had 6 catches for 133 and Roberson had 7 catches for 75 and a TD.

Really..... not a bad offensive night against a very good Tiger defense.  But those turnovers simply CANNOT happen if we plan to win going forward.

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On a side note……

Sure was proud of Mav Nation last night.  Big crowd. Made some noise. 

We need that trend to continue the next 4 weeks. 

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A win this week for Marshall moves them another step towards returning to the playoffs after last year's disaster that ended a long playoff streak.

It also potentially sets up a showdown in MP next week for hosting a playoff game.


The success of this game will hinge on the play of the Mav defense.  In spite of the final score last week.... the Marshall defense played an outstanding game Vs. Texas High, only giving up 157 yards on the night.

If Marshall gets a similar effort this week Vs. WH.... the outcome should be a happy one for the red and white.

The Marshall offense, which had been very efficient prior to Last week, will need to shake the Texas High game off and move on QUICKLY. 

Before Friday night..... Olvera had thrown only one interception in his previous 3.5 games.  He had four Friday night against THS.

The Mavs need to move on from that and get back into their offensive groove.  

The running game was non-existent last Friday....so we will need to get JQ Davis going again.


The WH defense isn't terrible.  They have been in several close game headed into the fourth quarter only to see them slip away.  They are giving up 

The problem has been offense.  Averaging only 13.8 PPG.


I sure am wondering where JoeBurns is this season.  He was one of the Wildcat fans really relishing our struggles last season and predicting the downfall of our program.

I'm just worried about his mental health. 

0-7 gotta be hard to choke down with all that crow in your mouth.

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Been on SDC a long time.... I don't recall a district game getting so little talk.

All those WH fans have dried up..... esp Mr. JoeBurns.

Yeah....I remember your predictions about the Mavs last season.  I won't let you forget either.  lmao.

Not sure I've ever seen a poll go 100% one way before either.

Back in 2012...when we were working on a 1-9 season....we still had fans.

Kinda sad really.


BTHO WH...and then BTHO WH MORE.

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Our offensive line isn’t playing very well thus far. 

Way too much penetration by WH. 

Defense is lights out once again. 

So frustrating. 

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I feel like play calling needs to be more creative to get our playmakers like ChiChi and Jacory the ball in their hands. JQ has done a great job running and alot of it has been after contact. Whitehouse is very vanilla on offense and we should step up the defense and shut them down the rest of the way.

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Ugly on offense tonight  

Defense was outstanding…. Again. Stopped WH on 4th downs twice in the 4th quarter after the offense was incapable of putting it away.


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273 yards on the ground  
90 yards through the air
363 total yards

Mav RB JQ Davis 34 Rushes for 293 Yards 2 touchdowns.  He also had 2 catches for 69 yards and a TD.

Mav QB Olvera was 6-12 for 90 yards and 1 touchdown


209 yards on the ground
96 yards through the air
305 total yards

Wildcat QB Josh Green was 5-16 for 56 yards passing.  One TD and one INT.  He also had 27 carries for 124 yards and a score.


The Marshall defense played an outstanding game minus two plays, both of which lead to WH touchdowns.  A 73 yard QB keeper that lead to a score on the next play in the second quarter.  Then in the 3rd quarter...WH had a 51 yard pass that eventually lead to a TD.  

Those two plays were almost half of WH's total offense.

The Mav offense.....for the second week in a row left too many points on the field. 



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