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Daingerfield @ Pewitt  

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Coin flip.  Depends on who can stick with their game plan. Honestly I can’t read how this district matches up with the DII districts around the state.  I don’t see any of the school being that exciting to watch. the top 3 teams are very good but I don’t see any tier one teams IMO.  WHICH MEANS NOTHING. I hope I am dead wrong

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9 minutes ago, TigerBlue09 said:

 Nah I liked the energy, they just sounded like Cowboy fans delusional as hell!!!! Me and you and can meet and see who makes who bow down!

I asked about kids showing energy and confidence and you use it to turn around into a challenge/threat? It’s a good thing the DLS ISD has athletic accolades, because that’s about all they’ve given society. Pure thuggery. New year, same old Daingerfield. 

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