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14 minutes ago, MattStepp said:

I'm not updating hourly like in years past...I'm working at the day job and the rest of the team is travelling to games haha



Thanks for all you do!! Wasn't aiming that at you.. was thinking the schools weren't turning them i. I just went and looked. They are updated now.. Thanks for all you do. 

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27 minutes ago, BulldogBacker12 said:

Yea, they will definitely be 5a. Don’t see how the cutoff numbers would move up by 110+ kids. That would probably be the biggest jump ever. They will do fine in 5a DII.


yup. Last year it jumped 80 which was one of the largest jumps ever.  The bottom number only went up 10. So if they jump that much again, they will need to put that bottom number a lot higher as well. 

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