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Jasper @ Center


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Center has always been tough out for Jasper.

As bad as our offense has been Center's defense has been equally ATROCIOUS.  could turn out to be a Very good game.

We have a first time Defensive Coordinator 30 year old Malcolm Bronson and has done a SUPERB JOB! Starting 3-4 sophomores all season its been fun watch them come into their own.

Malcolm was drafted out of high school in 2008 by Kansas City Royals  baseball team. He played on the DAWGS 2007 State Champion baseball squad. Ironically he would end up in Kansas City playing on the Chiefs after playing for Mcneese for 4 years. it was 2013 then. he played there for 2 years ,  then played for Chicago for two years.

His Uncle Zach Bronson played safety for the 49ers 1997 thru 2003.

If Jtown can get to 2-3  scores a game and defensively we continue the high level of play (* Disclaimer * by no means whatsoever am saying a run to title game) I am saying Jasper could help make Region 3 a Booger Bear to play in during playoffs! GO DAWGS GO!

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The Jasper Defense is the type you’d expect in a deep run playoff team.  The Jasper offense would have trouble scoring many points vs Colmesneil.  Not sure I’ve ever seen a team so good on one side of the ball and so inept on the other side.  On the rare occasions you do, it’s usually a great offense and a porous defense.  Both teams will be lucky to score.  All that said, got to go with Jasper.  Their D will help their O put points on the board.

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1 minute ago, jerryjonesofficial said:

Hoping the best for Center this week but even more next week.. hoping they put rusk in their place

Jerry, it's nice to see you here on our forum.  I never knew you followed East Texas football.  And also that you hate Rusk. lol

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4 hours ago, cotton84 said:

I don't see Center scoring 3 TDs on Jasper like they did against Carthage as Jasper will be excited to play this game..........Wild guess of Jasper 20 and Center 7. 

it was just another ho-hum,"oh we have a game tonight?"  *yawn*  kinda day for Carthage uh? 


a side effect from winning so much.

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18 minutes ago, Funcoach34 said:

Center 22 jasper 20

lol. don't let my last post become fools gold.

thru 6 games we have played we have gave up 59 points (9.8 average per game) 

28 of those 59 was in one game against Carthage.

we probably won't score 20 but Center if they score at all it won't be 22.

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