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Corrigan-Camden Bulldogs (6-4)(3-3)VS Waskom Wildcats (9-1)(6-0) Nov 12th 7PM at the Tomato Bowl Jacksonville Texas


First Round  

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  1. 1. Who wins this game

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32 minutes ago, WildBear said:

Waskom wins this one hands down. To much speed and power along with a stout stingy defense. 

Go wildcats

You are inconsistent. You get on one thread and bash Beckville for not playing anyone, then you come over here and kiss the game breds backside. You do realize 3 of the 4 predistrict games were 2A schools don’t you? One of which they got fawty dropped on them in a losing effort. Common opponent was Harleton. They both spanked that squad. You belong over here with the 1 & 9ers. 


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5 hours ago, BarryGoldwater said:

Nah mumbles. You a joke and the rest of you 1 & 9ers. Lol. bumping your gums. Somebody get June Bug and Chan on here so we can talk to some game bred Cats. 

And you will

say that I won state when in something your weak never did  so I don’t have to Prove myself 

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2 minutes ago, BarryGoldwater said:

Are you positive you’re not powerlifter? @powerlifter you got any kin over in northwest Louisiana area? 

Lmao dude go away... hell I guess u gave the chat something to read anyway kinda a dull week.. dth4life was a power lifter in school an won state 2 or 3 times can't remember. His sister won as well.. 

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Just now, LSUTIGERS said:

Next week should be fun if your boys can get by Troup.

I don’t have any boys. What ever float your boat. I’ll be yapping at the 1 & 9ers until hell freezes over. Not the game bred Cats. There is a difference. What happened to the good old Waskom posters such as yourself? How’d you get stuck with these guys? Where’s @WildcatScream ?

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1 hour ago, BarryGoldwater said:

So you’re not a game bred Cat? Quit deflecting. Gotta be a Democrat!

Like I said I’m a grown man I don’t have to prove poop to you all talk you was thems guys that never played football but talk poop when you get out of high school saying if I did played lol weak weak weak get off the site bro 

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