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West Rusk vs Hooks 7pm on Thursday 11/11/21 @ Tatum


Bi-District Round  

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  1. 1. Who Ya Got?

    • Hooks Hornets (4-6)
    • West Rusk Raiders (10-0)

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39 minutes ago, Raider7 said:

That was also a big test! 


28 minutes ago, ReppinBeastTexas903 said:

Dadgum it I was wrong I said wr by 30 but they won by 38 

Nick. These guys and you the same? There’s a ReppinBeastTexas318 too. I can’t figure out why they got 318. Maybe they was born on March 18th. Idk. 

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Hooks couldn’t stop the run or pass game.  Wasted their time trying to stop WR.  Should have just kicked off and let WR score Then just put the best on O and make 26 points Lol. Hooks did score some quality points.  The third TD was mostly against subs for sure.  The last was against a mixed bag. Lol

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21 minutes ago, Nick2011 said:

Hooks scored 12 legit points against WR varsity. The last 14 points they scored was late in the game after WR subbed in their JV team. Hooks had a pretty good running back. He was big and hard to bring down! 

West Rusk last score was by a Freshman! That kid is going to be a beast!

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