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Newton vs DeKalb


Newton vs DeKalb  

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This game could be close, DeKalb has a impressive offensive line with a strong running back. If my Eagles take them lightly it will cost them. I do think my Eagles will win but in a close game and they need to get the extra point business worked out.

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Newton is pretty good but they don't have 4 D1 players like3 or 4 years ago.. They are good enough to win with their stud running-back ( I think 25+ offers including Texas & USC) and a descent passing game. Newton as usual has a stout defense but any given nite Newton could pull a Childress. Truth hurts .JS


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On 11/13/2021 at 1:51 PM, Nick2011 said:

Maybe not you, but some others on here always take the bait lol 

I’ll take the bait, Nicky (foozball 69) (reppinleasttexas)


Tell you what, Nicky. Since you’ve already beaten everyone in the region (in your head), why don’t you go ahead and talk all this mess to Franklin? Since nobody here has a chance against you and the baby blue, go on over there and talk this mess to them! Show them your soccer player’s QB stats. 😜 Wake that bear up.
After all, EF, Daingerfield, Newton and Waskom (correct spelling since you don’t know how to spell) doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell against the baby blue of West Wusk. Let those Lions of Franklin know how good you winless wonders are. That way they know when the real deal is coming to town.  Let’s see how that works out for you. Even though we all know you won’t be meeting Franklin any time soon. 
Go thump that chest over there. 
You better hope you lose before then. You don’t want that smoke! 
You can’t even handle what’s coming on the road there. 

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8 hours ago, TigerBlue09 said:

That’s his problem lol not mines 😂😂😂

I’d pick against them too if they hung 79 on me a couple years back.  
Thats right up there with that beating team Nicky took last year at Waskom’s hands. 
Both were very entertaining, by the way 

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And just so everyone who may read this knows.  
I don’t speak for Newton. They are the classiest bunch of sports fans I’ve ever had the opportunity to be around. 
They don’t talk much. They let their talking be done on the playing field. 

I don’t have that ability. 
Especially when it comes to a never has been @Nick2011. What can I say?! 

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26 minutes ago, Nick2011 said:

They don’t talk much on here, but they do plenty of it on the app. Sounds to me like you just pick a team that’s winning at the time and ride their jock? Kinda like how you were riding Franklins in your earlier post. You’re a joke. Jock rider. 

Been with Newton for years bud. One of my best friends is from Newton. I guess I should’ve asked you beforehand if that was okay with you?
You already admitted you’re not from west Rusk either.  So what’s that make you (besides the obvious)?

You’re the joke on here Nicky. 
I sure wasn’t riding anything of franklins.  I just know what they’ll do to your baby blue. We all do. 
Actually wouldn’t mind seeing wr do something for a change. But there’s always that one that keeps many of us from wanting that to happen. 
Give you 3 guesses who I’m speaking about. (and the first 2 don’t count) Keep thumping that chest. 
And remember. There’s the haves and the have nots. 
And the never have beens. 

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40 minutes ago, Nick2011 said:

If what I say on this forum dictates rather you like a team or not, then you have problems. Might want to remember to start taking your Midol on a daily basis.

At least I support one team, and don’t ride the jock of a winning team because one of my, “best friends is from there.” You got a best friend from Franklin too? Lmao 

I’ve also stated on a number of occasions that I didn’t graduate from WR. My wife did, we live in the School district, and she works for the district. 

On a side not, maybe you’re so angry because LSU #### this year. 


Not angry one bit. I also have ties to wr. 
Heck I knew coach Bradshaw personally. Know his daughter who still teaches there. 

Maybe I do have a problem. But you hit the nail on the head. There’s a reason I won’t pull for them. Just one 


I’ve spent enough time with the fine Newton folks at their games over the years to know they are in a league of their own. Football or not. They are some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. 
You should take in a game some day on their side. You’ll be treated better there than you ever will at Bruce Bradshaw stadium. True story 

Call it what you will. 

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