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Censor Bypassing


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Some of you are getting clipped quite often with "censor bypassing violations" then want to cry to us about "why????"  I want to clear up some of this for you.

Let's say you want to say the word "damn" in a thread.  Here is how to not violate bypassing rules:


1.  D***- This is bypassing the censor.  Why?  You are giving context clues as to what the word is.  Just type it out and let our filter do the work.

2. Dammit- This is censor bypassing.  Why?  Just because you spell like an illiterate redneck and the censor doesn't catch it, does not make it right.  Learn to spell correctly, or get clipped.  The censors have to catch the word to avoid any moderator action.

3. Damn GIFs | Tenor This is censor bypassing also.  You posting memes with the word does not make it okay.  It is still you saying it.

4.  Apply #3 to any YouTube video, Twitter link, etc.  

5.  Saying "Language warning" before an embedded video (like how Twitter and YouTube embeds links) is still a censor bypass.  Our censors can not catch those.

In plain terms:  If you feel the need to cuss on this site, just type it out.  Our sensors will catch it and it will appear as ####.  If you type it, the censors don't catch it, then I can go in and fix that without you getting clipped.  This is still a "family site."

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