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Joy Reid fumes over Biden approval rating, calls Americans ungrateful: 'I guess they spent the whole $2,000'


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What's $3200 and $2500 going to buy in todays society when some people were cooped up for months in the leftist states.  That wouldn't cover someone's bills in Texas and we were only shut in for a month and a week.  Rent for most places in Houston on the low end run at $1200 a month and I'm sure a house payment for one month is about the same amount.  Then utilities that run at $275 a month.  You also have insurance to pay for.  If you received unemployment it helped.  I didn't get my unemployment check until July, because of the backlog.  Then this woman wants to say people are ungrateful when inflation is eating into our wallets.  Give me a break.  When someone makes $1.5 million a year and is currently worth $7 million, she has no room to disgrace the middle and lower class on making ends meet, but she thinks pennies compared to her salary is more than enough and people should have been grateful.  She needs to be cancelled.  

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