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Round 3: Daingerfield VS West Rusk @ Longview Lobo Stadium Thursday Night 6pm


Daingerfield VS West Rusk   

86 members have voted

  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Daingerfield Tigers (10-2)
    • West Rusk Raiders (12-0)

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5 minutes ago, quickshot said:

Nah.. I voted against them last week.. they took out my friends so gotta roll with them.. most importantly tho it's a realistic pick.  I'm not saying df 60-0 it's respectful..  

Man you know as well as I do that EF was not the normal EF this year. They were down. DF will be in for a battle this week. 

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Just now, tigernationfan said:

He saw them Tigers in person just like your gonna do for Thanksgiving. You will be riding with us come December 😂 

He ain’t seen WR in person but he will after this week when we are getting that rematch with Waskom 👀😂

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31 minutes ago, FigNewton98 said:

I’m expecting to be up big at the half like in 2018 them Mighty Newton Eagles were up 46-6 and we looked over at the Daingerfield side and all there fans were leaving! I think they were pulling back in their driveways in Daingerfield by the end of the 79-12 Beatdown!

Just to let you know Daingerfield is up on Newton 3-2 in the all time series 😎

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