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#10 Van (12-0) vs #2 Gilmer (11-1) Round 3


Regional Round  

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  1. 1. Who Ya Got?

    • Van Vandals (12-0)
    • Gilmer Buckeyes (11-1)

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  • Poll closed on 11/26/2021 at 08:00 PM

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1 hour ago, MoveTheChain said:

That is the link I used to purchase from.  Must be having a glitch, as you say.  I did not have to login, just provided contact info.

Yeah it worked with no problem this time. Got my ticket. Not sure what was up with that log in page it first sent me to.

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I still don’t think there is a scenario where Gilmer wins by 21+ UNLESS Van plays poorly and the Buckeyes play lights out (which could happen). These Vandals come in battle tested, they have talent, and are well coached. The same can be said about Gilmer. I think the most likely outcome in this game is closer than most Buckeye fans assume. 

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1 hour ago, SHillBuckeye said:

Apparently the game was picked up by NFHS, so audio only. No live feeds.

I wish they would just let the schools broadcast their own games, but I know it's all about the money. Personally I don't even mind paying if there was some consistency. You never know from week to week if your game will be streamed. I like going to the games but can't always make it so this streaming has been nice. In my dream world you'd just buy a ticket online then you could use it at the gate or to gain access to a link to the live stream, whichever you choose.

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