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🏉🏉🏉Daingerfield vs Waskom Regional Championship Friday 7PM at Homer Bryce Stadium in Nacogdoches🏆🏆🏆



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  1. 1. Who wins???

    • Daingerfield Tigers (11-2)
    • Waskom Wildcats (12-1)

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6 hours ago, Wild74 said:

The young QB did a very good job under difficult circumstances, he made some  good 3rd down completions and learned a lot that will help him in the future, outside of the Timpson game Daingerfield pushed us very hard as it should be in a 4th round game. The future looks bright for Daingerfield and we may see each other again down the line next year. 

Once again, Keeling beat the more athletic team by having the better scheme that fits his players and has done a helluva job coaching them up on it, if Keeling coached at EF from 2012 to 2020, we would have at least 3 or 4 state titles, especially last yrs EF team.

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1 hour ago, grinder said:

you do know both of kirt falcons sons played for waskom and grew uo there. family lived there several years

I probably know more people from Waskom, Marshall and Elysian Fields than I do from Garrison ... I left Garrison in 1975 and didn't move back home until 2014 and retired a short while later .... I probably don't know 1 out of 20 people I see in Garrison these days oitside of my relatives and a few old timers ....

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