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#1 Refugio vs #2 Shiner -Thursday Dec. 2nd in Victoria at 7pm



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  1. 1. Who Ya Got?

    • Shiner Comanches (13-0)
    • Refugio Bobcats (13-0)

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I said it a while back, can sometimes be tough to know if Refugio will play disciplined football.  Shiner seems to have that (discipline) down more, but the record shows Refugio finds a way to win this game more often that not, even when Shiner appears to have the edge. 

Going to be a fun game to watch and look forward to next week's matchup with Timpson or Centerville.

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34 minutes ago, TheWolf said:

You must be on the payroll lol

If you have another way to watch the games other than actually going to the games, then why don't you share it with us? Maybe there's something else I didn't know about. I get it's not the greatest feed, but it's better than nothing. Where there was a time before the internet we didn't have those options. But you already knew that.

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