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Diboll vs. Lorena


Diboll vs. Lorena  

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  1. 1. Who wins???

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9 minutes ago, titanz said:

Lol.  I think he meant the team strength not each player.

Calpreps has Diboll as more than a 4TD underdog. 

Anyone else like to use calpreps for matchups? I like to match up teams against their past years


I like to use them as well... The score is almost never right but the team they pick to win is right about 85% of the time which is pretty good

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14 hours ago, EazyMoney said:

I’ve never thought much of Calprep.  The pigskin prep folks are much better. 

Pigskin Prep has always been at the top for me, over others like the Harris Poll or Padilla.  DCTF uses Pigskin Prep for the preseason rankings/predictions and should use it for their regular, in-season poll as well.  


As far as this game goes, Diboll will simply need to have success early and often on the ground and chew clock.  It'll be difficult to stop Lorena's offense, but if you can shorten the game and be in a position to win it at the end, that is going to be your best bet.  I do think Lorena wins this game, but I will be there and I'm hoping for something closer than what I expect to actually play out.  

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