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Teague is open.


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Should be some high interest in this job. Coach Osborn gave the Lions what they needed at the time and had some good runs in the playoffs and his team played a hard nosed brand of football for the majority of his tenure. Thanks Coach Osborn for being able to win games Teague lost in the past and was able to take the Lions to places never been before. With that said, whoever gets this job can win immediately and has some really nice talent coming up as well. Kids need to get bigger in the weight room and get beefier on the lines and they can be right back to where they were from ‘14-‘17. Hopefully the Teague faithful gets this one right like with Osborn. 


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Guest Tiger03lb

Hope Teague gets the right person in, could make an impact with what they have coming up. Definitely showed some potential this past season. 

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