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UPDATE: Elysian Fields hires Justin Crow


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Nothing like knowing your AD/HC was retiring at the end of this season last summer and it’s now a month after his last game coaching for you and still don’t have the Job posted 😂😂 I swear I would of posted the Job during the season so that you get as many resumes as possible to look over. I would say I am shocked but honestly this is par for the Course. #JacketPride #PostTheJobAlready

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19 hours ago, CoachChunkyPunter43 said:

The old cattle & swine hauling O-line coach from 13 miles down the road is ready to take the helm! #swaimisthemanforthejob


18 hours ago, centex1 said:

Finally somebody gets it

No way Keeling let's him take the EF job! And centex1 knows it too! centex, tell your father in law hello for me.

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On 12/16/2021 at 11:15 PM, quickshot said:

What do those jobs usually pay at a 3a level? Yall will probably be 2a in 2 years.. thi k I was told yalls opening is 80k

85K I believe is the number being floated around. but not everyone can pay a soccer coach 100K . I thought it would happen this year was thinking cut might be 255 but it wasn’t if we don’t start taking transfers we will be 2A in 2 yrs I agree. 

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