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Happenings in Rabbitland?


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11 hours ago, Runninrabs said:

In just very a short time everyone will see what type of character coach and mentor Morton will be.  If he comes in keeping any of the former staff then you will know where he stands and that McClure is really in charge behind scenes. IMO McClures ego doesn’t want another  AD to be successful that’s why he is always so heavily involved in the searches.  Not one coach that was on staff with McClure or Plunk better be left or you can put a fork in this one before he even begins. On the other hand if he does the right thing and cleans house the elite of Atlanta will scramble to replace him. Huge task ahead and I’m hoping he can turn this around but he has some major battles ahead to do so.   Politics is poisonous in Atlanta and I hope Morton’s inexperience as a AD isn’t a repeat of last year or the year before. 

Clean house? Let’s get rid of 3 great baseball coaches that led their team to be regional champs last year, and are ranked 7th preseason🤔.. You have a great idea.. How ignorant are you? 

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I've been a coach in the area for several years and I know of the McClure family and I've been around a lot of Atlanta sporting events.. and other events.

I can assure you that Matt McClure is not hiring or helping hire a coach that he wants to do bad so it will make him look better... He had a son that was a Senior this past season. Pretty sure he was hoping for a good season for his son and his son's Senior class...

I also know his son is a great kid... yea great kids make bad decisions' especially when they are competitors and they are in the midst of a 0-10 season.  I've seen this kid outside of football and have seen some very good qualities from him as a person and influence for younger kids.

Also read that McClure was given a made up position and pay was raised.. if this is the case then it sounds like the district didn't fire him sounds like it was a mutual agreement because it was just time for a change but they had a need and a role they wanted to keep McClure in.  I'm sure he does his job well.

Why would he want the school to suffer...he doesnt have a reason for wanting that.. he got to relax and watch his son's Senior year in 2 sports from a lawn chair (Baseball Next)... Then next year when his son is playing baseball in college he will have the freedom to go watch him play... Pretty sure there are no hard feelings.. McClure is happy and if he's helping with decisions its because he cares and the administration feels he can be an asset to the district.

You guys need to sit back and do what you can for the New AD.  Hearing a lot of good things.. so if anything if McClure had a hand in it maybe later you should thank him for the hire he had a hand in.

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Not to mention McClure's 4 year record in 4A Football was 33-17 which included a 12-2 season their 1st year in 4A. They didn't accomplish this just because of talent or because they weren't discipline I can promise you that... they played in a very tough district through those years.

Maybe this guy deserves a position where he can help make decisions at the school hes dedicated his life to for the last 10 seasons.


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15 minutes ago, DKBear123 said:

You enjoy people being fired? 

if he’s gonna be judged based on his program’s performance, he deserves to build his staff however he chooses .. he is now the CEO of Atlanta sports and his staff will effect how his program is run . 

there’s nothing enjoyable about people being fired but they understand the risks when they enter the profession 

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23 minutes ago, chubbychecker said:

not at all. Honestly she one of the hottest actresses there is.  She plays DOVE in Titans now if you have never seen that. Worth the watch for that if nothing else. th?id=OIP.O1bUBl9ksTQAiMe89jeq9AHaNK&pid

Im glad she got out of dillon and did something with her life! she had some daddy issues with buddy 

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13 hours ago, WhyUMad said:

Morton loves the weight room! Him and his brother was raised in a gym that their dad owned in Hot Springs! The biggest pickup for Atlanta is the assistant he is bringing Coach Harrell to me he is one of the best coaches  in the area!

which coach harrell?

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