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Happenings in Rabbitland?


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15 minutes ago, frozeng03 said:

Who is the top three? You all know more than the people from Atl… 😂 

Yeah, I heard the Atlanta board was very tight lipped. Lol. I believe the 2 favorites were one that had Carthage ties and one had Gilmer ties. I'm assuming the Carthage guy is now the favorite. 

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It is my understanding that the AD prior to Plunk was on the search committee to hire Plunk and is now on the committee for the new AD.   To me that is a huge problem and should be quiet concerning.  That’s where Atlanta must finally make a change and cut any and everyone that has been a part of the program ever!  Cancer spreads and if anyone from Plunks or the previous AD staff remains that negativity will resonate and I predict similar outcomes no matter who we hire. We have had well over a decade of poor leadership and need to Cut the political BS once and for all. Doesn’t matter who you are kin to or what connection you have you must go!!

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20 minutes ago, WhyUMad said:
21 minutes ago, WhyUMad said:

McClure didnt have anything  to do with his firing!

I agree Plunk and Baca got Plunk fired however with the awful culture McClure created during the decade he was around he should’ve been run completely off and never allowed to come to the stadium unless he purchased his own ticket much less be on any committee to hire.  He should be ashamed of the discipline he instilled in the program and embarrassed how his own kid acts   Get rid of everyone!

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