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3AD1 State Championship: #5 Lorena vs #2 Brock


Who wins  

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  1. 1. Who

    • Brock Eagles (15-0)
    • Lorena Leopards (13-2)

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In my honest opinion after watching the other nights game, if Brocks rb is no healthier than he was thursday night Lorena should win. If MVs rb had been healthier than he was thursday night, it would be a Lorena/MV matchup this week. No matter what it will be a great game.

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12 hours ago, Tiger03lb said:

I've had Lorena winning since the playoffs started. Actually had Brock/Lorena prediction. I just think they are head and shoulders above everyone then and they have made that case now. Imo, I don't think they played an easier playoff run like everyone is saying, they have just set the bar higher and doing that each week. 

At the beginning of the year, Lorena had qb issues. They have since fixed those issues. I think if Lorena was to play both CS and Franklin again, it would different. Not saying a blowout but a better chance of winning. 

I think Brock will hang with them for a little bit but Lorena will take over the game at some point. I got Lorena winning by 14 points, if not more.

Just looking forward to a full day at at&t stadium, is it Thursday yet? 😆

You are wise.

Agree × 10

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