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#1 LBJ vs #2 Stephenville 4A Div I UIL State Final Championship


State Championship  

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  1. 1. Who Ya Got?

    • LBJ Jaguars (15-0)
    • Stephenville Yellow Jackets (15-0)

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1 minute ago, Texski said:

Would be easy to say LBJ overrated but don’t think they really are. Just had fumbleitis & SVille D is really good. Their LB play is insane.

I would agree.  They have done what they have done the rest of the year and in the playoffs.  Good wins against good opponents.  Sville defense is just incredible so far and 4 fumbles of course will put anyone in a hole usually.  

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Just now, regaleagle said:

I pretty much lined out the situation for everybody regarding Stephenville and what to expect, but basically caught some flack.  I guess there are some believers now, Huh?

Lambert to Eakin is DEADLY.  Not to discount the other good passcatchers they have, but Eakin is ridiculous.  

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LBJ pass to their 40.  Shoestring tackle saved a TD.  Unsportsmanlike penalty on Sville after play that pushes LBJ ball to Sville half of the field.  1:54 left to play. Gonna be honest, don't understand what he did exactly, the broadcast guys didnt seem to sure either.  

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