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6A D1 Championship: North Shore vs. Duncanville


North Shore vs. Duncanville  

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Just now, regaleagle said:

I'm pretty sure that the 3A level in Texas is very difficult to beat as far as weekly excitement and quality of play.  Seems like the best one to watch in the playoffs as well.

I would put 4A as a very close 2nd place to 3A......but some may put it as the best overall.

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3 minutes ago, regaleagle said:

Maybe it's the quality of the coaching staffs now at this level.......and the understanding that comes with that and establishing a better overall football program in smaller enrollment schools.

Probably a combination of of these and other factors.

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2 minutes ago, Sportsfanatic1 said:

Neither classifacation has the speed of these two teams so it's hard to build a dominate defense like these two teams have.

Plus neiher team has a 5 star Qb as of yet. NS may be one down the line.

They said in the pregame that both teams were lacking big stars like in the past......that both teams are just well-coached and have quality pedigrees.  And great defenses.

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