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Sulphur Springs Update


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Coach Faircloth is a great coach and mentor. He has great offensive schemes, but puts all the talent on offense and left overs on defense. Will score a lot of points, but will give up a lot as well. I feel the PNG faithful was weary of the lack of defense and most of his experienced defensive coaches left for other opportunities as they didn’t have any input to defensive talent. From what I’ve been told there have been some bad blood between coach and some of those assistants. 

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19 hours ago, chubbychecker said:

better situation would make it a better job i guess.....what makes it a more attractive situation?  I honestly don't know that much about PNG i guess is why i am asking

Pressure from admin

Pressure from parents

Pressure from the community

Lots of people in PNG think Faircloth has failed because he can't make a deep run. They think that he has failed the program because he tries to outscore people instead of playing his best players both ways and trying to stop the opponent. The Indians have not been good on defense.

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