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Who Do You Think Wins It All In 2022?


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23 hours ago, cowboyandchrist said:

The Dawgs started 9 new defensive starters in 2020. 
The Sophomore and freshmen moving up is loaded with play makers. 
The offense returns 10 that played in every game. 54 and 62 will be outstanding on the D line and I expect big play out of 85 freshman that played in every game this year at tight end. Cuff at QB should be much improved and bigger and stronger. 
May see some freshmen on varsity because that is the next outstanding group. 
Dawgs will make another strong run and should be favored to win the title. 

 Both #54, James Morrow, and #84, Kash Courtney, are currently freshmen who were named Honorable Mention All-District this year for their play on the varsity level.

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On 12/19/2021 at 8:51 PM, micotrav said:

Here's mine, but not real sure if they will stay in these Classifications...

Class 6A D1-Southlake Carroll

Class 6A D2-Denton Guyer

Class 5A D1- Katy Paetow

Class 5A D2-Alamo Heights

Class 4A D1- Austin LBJ

Class 4A D2- China Spring

Class 3A D1-Vanderbilt

Class 3A D2-Gunter

Class 2A D1-Cisco

Class 2A D2-Burton

wo-s  4a d2 loded

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Chapel Hill in 4A-D1 will have a high preseason ranking next season, and rightly so.  I can see Stephenville's team able to "reload" enough to be a serious contender again.  Midlothian Heritage, Argyle, and Melissa all move up.  La Vega was young this season......they will be back in it.  Maybe that Hirschi team too.....they were impressive!

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12 hours ago, trueblue82 said:

They gonna probably have to deal with Ore City and Harleton in their district. That could make things complicated. 

In Doomyville I call them Ovre City and Hardlyton cause in Doomy's world nobody gots no chance. #TrueStorie.com

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