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UPDATE: Sabine hires Cody Gilbert


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10 hours ago, DeKlabBeers said:

Good for him for sticking to his guns. God wants football to be played on grass. Turf is another way humans try to outsmart God. I have no respect for ISDs that put turf in.

I’m with you. 

I love standing in the mud puddles on the visitors sideline at Dekalb in late October.

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God said nothing about playing turf or grass... although he did give us common sense which isn't used much these days.. my whole point is there needs to be upgrades. You can resurface grass and bring in turf. Either way it goes it needs some kind of resurface. Midfield feels like crossing into Louisiana 😒

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17 hours ago, trueblue82 said:

I saw one of the most talented kids we ever had blow out his right ACLas a junior in a non-contact injury on a grass field. Same kid blew his left ACL a year later in a non-contact injury on a different grass field. Injuries happen no matter the surface. It’s part of the game. 

No one said injuries don't happen on grass. This is a topic that has been researched heavily by different groups over the past few years. All come to the same conclusion, turf leads to a "higher risk" of injuries. Anywhere from 25-35% more likely for lower body injury. A quick google search brings up a long list, and as mentioned before is why the highest level of the sport is petitioning to play on natural grass.

It is a con of turf and a legitimate argument against it.

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  • Mr. P changed the title to UPDATE: Sabine hires Cody Gilbert

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