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USFL Jersey Release Day


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Yeah, I love that they didn't go total XFL with goofy trendy colors/schemes, but refreshed the classics. Well, except for a couple. Because it turns out the original concepts/colors were just lousy (looking at you, Michigan Panthers).


So here's my ranking...

1.) Breakers: cool and clean concept, updated logo looks great. 
2.) Generals: perfect update on an already strong design. 
3.) Gamblers: My only quibble is the flat gray pants. Silver would've been better. 
4.) Bandits: Obviously inspired by Ohio State, but still a great look. 
5.) Stallions: Evocative of Boston College, but still fine. 
6.) Maulers: The purple and orange contrast too much.
7.) Stars: Bucking for corporate sponsorship from McDonalds?
8.) Panthers: The maroon and gold are okay, but baby blue? Ugh. 

There's also too much red in this league, overall. They should've balanced things out with the Washington Federals and/or Denver Gold. 

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