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4A Girls Basketball Playoffs Oddity


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LaVelle was a player for Argyle, and her Dad was the president of the booster club at Argyle.  They moved to Decatur 2 yrs ago and now Decatur has the star player. She is a senior this season. Her sister graduated from Argyle with a scholarship in volleyball and played for Argyle on those state championship teams for those 5 yrs straight. Sis can play some volleyball as well.

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All tournament team announced now......Abby Barr of Decatur, Samantha Bacon of Argyle next selection.  Taylor Thomas of Canyon next.  Caroline Lyles and one of the players for Seminole who is not present.  Gabby Campbell was amazing but not named......but she was instrumental in this Region 1 Tournament for Argyle.  Lyles gets the MVP of the Region I Tournament.....and rightly so.

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