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pep rally ideas

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Originally posted by LazyGolfer

Just recently a Bullard fan showed his appreciation by dashing through in the gym during a pep rally.....NAKED! Yes i kid you not, we had a streaker, it was probably one of the funniest things i have witnessed there. GO PANTHERS!!!


And the streaker also got a 200$ fine haha



Too bad I left before it happened. I was told it was gonna happen but I didn't think he would because he said he would at a game but he didn't.

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pull out 4 or 5 students and a few teachers. bring out piles of bananas.

tell them it will be a blindfolded eating contest. blind fold everyone. before hand you select one student or teacher to be the fall guy/gal. the fall guy/gay ends up being the only person eating. the "contest" is to eat all you can in 1 min.

the fall person is the only one eating. you can take everyone elses blind folds off after the fall guys blind fold is firmly on.

make the other "contestants" do some eating noises so the fall guy does not get wise. pick some one that is always bragging about how much they can eat so they will think whey will win for the fall guy. or maybe just someone that is very competative. shy or timid people do not work in this. it is a riot. the fall person does not have to be large or fat. i know. i was a 175lb sr. when i got to be the fall guy. 8 bananas and 1min later everyone was getting a big laugh.

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another......get 4 or 5 most macho acting football players to come on the floor.....select the same number of good looking girls to join them......it is a kissing contest....no frenching allowed!....a "timed event" lip to lip, who can do it the longest........the players are blind folded just before you start.....then their MOTHERS....come out....you must hold up a large sign telling the crowd to be silent.....the mothers kiss the boys for a few moments....then when it is getting good you tell the players to be very still.....you PULL the blind folds off while they are kissing their moms.....man they will almost die......you need to tell the moms not to wear anything that would give them away such as their favorite perfume.....before the pep rally let the girls in on it with the moms....let them put the same perfume on all the girls and the moms so the guys have nothing to give it away.....now you see why i said NO TOUNGES...that would be way to gross

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Originally posted by JfOrD200

I believe Gladewater had a glow in the dark pep rally once... add some strobe lights and it would look really cool for the cheerleaders to do a dance routine or something


It was called a blackout pep-rally. Sometimes we use those neon lights and sometimes it's just pitch black wit no lights.

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