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Who has had the best hire

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There have been a lot of East Coaching turnover. Who landed the best ? 
Elysian Fields 


Spring Hill 



New Diana???????? Nobody 


West Orange 




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I’m hearing great things out of jacketland. High energy a lot of kids coming back out of the hallways. Ef has a ton of athletes and always has. Keeling gone watch the rivalry to switch back in our favor 

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11 hours ago, BlackShirtD said:

Going to say Tatum and Atlanta will turn the corner.  WOS got a good coach but you don’t want to be the guy who follows THE GUY.    

I think ATL has a ways before a corner is turned..... They wont go 0fer BUT............... i think theyre problems are a little deeper that shuffling the ad around etc................................

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Waskom lost a great coach and coaches in Keeling but we got a very good one coming in Pearson, Pearson has his work cut out because Waskom lost a lot on offense but I am like what one of the other posters quoted lets talk in November 😀

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4 hours ago, GoodOleBoy73 said:

Impossible to decide in April...but on Paper it's probably Marshall or Tatum.

I think there could be a shocker when we look back at this in December though.

Especially when Tatum has a losing record.

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26 minutes ago, TIMRIGGINS said:

Is Tatum close enough to recruit those Louisiana kids?  

Tatum is

20 minutes from Carthage

20 minutes from Marshall.

25 minutes from Longview

I think they will be fine.

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